We Make Stuff Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Better

Tooling is our passion, and at Dagry Tooling we use scientific principles, state of the art equipment, powerful computers and an artistic vision in order to create anything our clients need. We can make a single part for a concept product that’s only in development and then make a million parts when the product is launched. We can make a small tool that makes your job easier or a large part for your discontinued machine that needs fixing. We do on and off site welding, we make prototypes for inventors and businesses alike. We are experts with just about any material from poly-carbonate to stainless steel to aluminum. Basically, if you can think it then we can make it.


Dagry Tooling is currently hiring for a Welder/Fabricator, CNC Machinist and a Tool Room Machinist. Contact us today to find out how you can be a part of our amazing team and enjoy working in a fun and challenging environment. More details are located on our blog.