The past.

For many Minnesotans, the years 1987 and 1991 are synonymous with the two World Series Championships from our beloved Minnesota Twins. For us at Dagry Tooling, those years are important for other reasons. Dagry Tooling was started out of a garage and just as a hobby way back in 1987. Back then it was just Dave and Gary Luedtke working from a garage on their passion, which was and is, making stuff. That hobby grew as did the demand for our high quality workmanship. So in 1991 we built a shop so we could handle the increasing demand. From there, we have steadily grown into what we are today.


The present.

We recently celebrated our 25 year anniversary of being in business. After 25 years, Dagry Tooling has now had 2 additions to the original shop, over 50,000 completed projects, helped develop 12 new patents, and we have no intention of slowing down. Dave is still passionate about making stuff, but he now has bigger and better toys tools to work with. His passion has become a growing family business that employs 18 amazing people who all share his passion. We work with fortune 500 companies and regular Joes alike, so whatever the problem is, we can build your solution.


The future.

The future is important to us, which is why we always invest in ourselves. We are information fanatics so we are always learning about the latest advances in the tooling world. We have consistently stayed ahead of the game with the newest state of the art equipment and technology in the tooling industry. The future of Dagry Tooling is bright and exciting. See you there!


The bottom line.

We make stuff; and we make stuff bigger, stronger, faster and better. Dagry Tooling is one of the best in the business not because we are good, not because we are fast, not because we are affordable, and not because we are passionate about making stuff. All of which are true, but we are among the best because of all those reasons plus we have a Dave.



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