A Summer Trip To Alaska

The fishing and camping trip to Alaska for some R & R was amazing, although the “rest” part of the R & R didn’t happen as much as it maybe should have. The fish were biting, the sun almost never set, and the good times were a plenty! Roughing it in a camper with 6 good friends was, however, the perfect way to relax. This was a trip that every true fisherman has to take.

The trip was this past summer, but we didn’t have a blog until now. We just felt like our clients and prospective clients should know that while we seem like we are all business, we also know how to have fun. For those who aren’t fishermen, well, we feel bad for you. For those that are, please feel free to give us your whopper stories either here or when you come in. Everybody at Dagry loves a good fishing story.

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